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Monday, November 28, 2016

Another Weekly Report

Hello everyone hope everyone had a good holiday week! We got work some work done this week but everyone was gone or didn't want to talk to us haha!

On Tuesday one of the Spanish Elders, Elder Bingham had a little medical problem.  He couldn't move the whole left side of his face so we had to drive him to the doctor like 30 miles away.  The doctor said he has palsy and that it should be fine here in a couple weeks.   
Wednesday we knocked pretty much all day and only like 3 people answered.   
Thursday was the fun day.  We went over to a members house and they fed us and there was so much food!! We helped them cook some of the food, and we got to help them fry the turkey also! It was so good but we had to leave and go to another house for dinner.  The second dinner was with a Mexican family and they tried to do a traditional American thanksgiving but it turn out so great haha! They made green beans but they just dumped them into a bowl and put a stick of butter on it! They where strange but still ate it! At the end of the dinner they walked out with a giant pot full of tamales haha! 
After our second dinner we drove by the Walmart here and it looked crazy!! Everyone one here is freaking out because some lady thought it was a good idea to bring her 10 month old baby to black Friday, and the baby ended up falling out of the mothers arms because they was getting pushed around.  Also in our mission boundaries some lady got stabbed because she wouldn't give up bath towels haha! People down here are going crazy right now! 
Anyways Friday was a pretty boring day, and Saturday we painted a house and put up Christmas lights for a member.  That pretty much took all day.  Sunday was a good day.  Had a good day at church and after we went and ate at a members house.  She made some Mexican meatloaf that was good.  After that we decided to go knocking and we found 3 women that wanted to talk to us.  We went in started talking and we started to talk about the Book of Mormon.  I gave it to the little girl named Emily and she opened it and started to read it right away!  I was talking with the other two ladies named Marisa and Cruz and they said that they would start reading it with her also! They want us to come back again and start reading with them and we asked if they wanted to come to church with us and Emily the little girl got super excited and yes i want to go so bad!! I pretty excited to work with them!

If any of you haven't had the opportunity to watch the new video the church came out with i would recommend it.  It has a great message on how we should light the world this Christmas season and that we should try to do what they savior did, and that is to serve others.  Like it says in the scriptures charity is the pure love of Christ.  So go check it out and see what you can do to serve others!

Anyways love y'all and hope you have a good week! 

Love, Elder Stringfellow 

Fried Turkey
Inside a Mexican Kitchen
Putting up the Christmas Lights
The Finished Product
Samurai Sam


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