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Tuesday, September 19, 2017

The Rat was as Big as a Chihuahua...

Hey everyone hope you all had a good week! This week was one of the funnest of my mission with my new companion Elder Fraley! He is from West Jordan and we get along really well! I had a blast this week and we got a lot of work done!

We put 4 people on date for baptism and they are super ready! The only thing bad that happened I guess was that they had to go to Mexico for a family emergency but other than that they are doing great! It feels great to get back out there and do missionary work, but to be honest I love serving the people and helping them out! It has gotten me really close with some of the members here and I love it!

Funny story we where mucking out a house yesterday and me and Elder Fraley were in the other room and we heard someone scream. We thought that it was one of the hermanas screaming but no, it was the second councilor in bishopric haha and we go see what's going on and there was a giant rat, like as big as a chihuahua big, and it was running around and we all had shovels trying to kill it but couldn't get the stupid thing. It ran past a hermano and he kicked so hard and so far, that he probably could've made a 50 yd field goal haha! But we finally got it in the corner and we pretty much chopped its head off haha!

This week I have been thinking a lot how much God really does love us! I know these times are hard but if we keep trying to show that we have the faith that everything will be alright he is going to bless us in so many ways! I love what I am doing here for the people in Houston! Love you guys and hope you have a great week!

 Love, Elder Stringfellow


Tuesday, September 12, 2017

Exhausted but Happy

Sorry all I got this week are pics!! All we really did was service haha! Love you all and stay safe :)

 ~ Elder Stringfellow

Tuesday, September 5, 2017

GATORS in the Water...

Hey everyone, just wanna let you guys know that I am fine! Everything down here has been crazy and some people are starting to loose their minds haha! Al least now I can say that I have been in a hurricane lol.

Well to start things off on Saturday the 26th we had to stay inside all day and I wanted to kill myself cause we where so bored! It was a good time for us to study and what not and just talk about life I guess! I don't remember a whole lot because it's really a day I don't want to remember! 

Sunday was the crazy day! First off they cancelled church and me and Elder Romero where a little confused because from what we could see outside of our apartment window, there was nothing going on. We then decided to go outside and go look at our street, and we got out there and the water was about 2-3 feet high and we where like OK ya we need to get out of here, like now! So we ran inside and got some of our things ready, and we put stuff up on high shelves and got ready to leave. That took us about 45 minutes and when we went back outside the water was a good 3 1/2 feet pushing 4! So we start walking to this house and the water was getting deep, to the point where we could barely see the top of cars! It was quite the journey and definitely something I will never forget. We made it to the members house in about 45 minutes and I was so tired after all that and we were just sitting their soaking wet haha! Didn't sleep a whole lot that night as we heard boats, helicopters, and crazy winds going all night! 

Monday we stayed there and emailed for about 20 minutes then the power went out and it was still raining cats and dogs outside! We sat their trapped in the members house but we went out for a little bit and helped some people! It was crazy the street we walked on the day before, had 14 feet of water on Monday...Pretty crazy stuff. Right down the street they where picking people up in dump trucks and launching off their boats to go save people! Monday night was crazy as the member came and woke us up in the middle of the night and told us to come downstairs and help translate as a coast guard officer who was there to start getting ready to evacuate! We ran upstairs and got things ready, and I had about 45 seconds to myself and I said a quick prayer. After that I got this overwhelming feeling that everything was going to be alright and we where going to stay here.  I still got all my things ready and helped he members get things ready for his kids but it was by far one of the most spiritual experiences of my mission! 

We woke up the next morning with the water significantly down! It really was a blessing that we where able to stay! The crazy thing is his house is built to where it is not supposed to flood but it got dangerously close in the middle of the night... Like 5 feet away! Anyways we sat their and played with the kids and then it stopped raining at like 5:00 am. We decided to try and walk to our house as some of the neighborhoods didn't flood except for the streets! That was a bad idea as I almost got bit by 2 water snakes haha! That was pretty sketch! 

Wednesday the rain completely stopped, and we went outside to assess all the damage. We went to a different members house to start some service and out of the corner of my eye a saw something move, and I thought it was just another snake, but this time it was a baby GATOR! I was like no way at first so I ran to go get a shovel to start playing with it, but the member did the right thing and killed it haha! That was pretty cool! 

Thursday through Monday of this week was straight service all day! All in all we have probably destroyed 15 houses and we still have a lot more to go! So much damage has been done to some of these people's homes but most of them are so happy and grateful for the things that they still have! It breaks my heart to see their piles of debris just keep growing, but it makes me happy to see people doing things that Christ would do and begin to help their faith grow! The members here are super awesome! I have gotten so close to so many of them and I can't wait to continue to work with them! And by the way we got our power back Thursday night at 9:00! 

I have come so much closer to Christ in these last couple of weeks! I have no doubt seen the hand of Christ and felt of his spirit so much through this disaster! He is the light and he can lead us down the darkest paths! I know this church is true and he really does love his children! Love you guys and thanks for the prayers and whatever else you guys did haha! Have a great week! 

Love, Elder Stringfellow 


Monday, August 28, 2017

Hurricane Harvey..

On Friday August 25th we heard from Sam via email asking us to put funds into his debit card account cause they heard of the storm coming and they needed to get supplies as soon as possible before Hurricane Harvey made landfall.  Over the next couple of days after that we heard bits and pieces of what was going on, but we do know for sure that he is ok.


Friday August 25
First off we are fine right now, just everyone is freaking out haha! Ya I just wanna be safe and first off I wanna make sure everyone else is ok but we will be smart! So ya we are probably gonna be inside tonight and tomorrow but we are going to see what food they have left haha! Love you guys and thank you! Don't worry dad said he would put some money in!

Élder Stringfellow
Monday August 28

- Just want to let you know I am still alive and doing fine haha! Just lots and lots of water! Love you guys ❤️ - Élder Stringfellow

 - We asked if there was any water in his apartment when he had to evacuate and this was his response

 - There was none when we left, but if me and elder Romero didn't leave when we did, I have no idea where we would be right now. Just thankful we decided to leave when we did - Élder Stringfellow

- This is a photo of him and his companion out front of their apartment.  The walked a mile in chest deep water to get to a member's house to stay

Walking in the water
Out front of their apartment
Top floor of member's home where they are currently staying

 - This is what he took with him...about all that he could fit in the backpack...

- I got 3 shirts, 3 pairs of shorts and garments, I pair of work pants and yes I have my card and everything. We just got word that by our house the water is up to people's necks!  - Élder Stringfellow

- Ya I got everything and we are watching the news and they are keeping us up to date. - Élder Stringfellow

After this, his email went out as did the family's WiFi connection.  From there we were able to communicate via text into the evening and that was permissible by his mission president.

Here are some excerpts from his Mission President's Blog:

This was on KUTV News from Salt Lake City on Tuesday, August 29th

We are anxiously waiting to hear more but we know that Sam is safe.  Things lost can be replaced...lives cannot!  He is ok!

Monday, August 21, 2017

Calm Before the Storm

Don't have a ton of time to write anything this week! We have been kind of busy but the work here is good! It's freaking hot all the, time, but the Mexican food is still on point like always! Anyways I didn't take any pictures, but here is a video of my last comp Elder Nabo fighting a rooster haha! Love you guys and hope you have a great week!

Monday, August 14, 2017

Riding a Horse...Sort Of

Hey everyone hope you guys had a good week. Is was a good week, but it was super hot and humid, with a lot of rain, and we where on bikes pretty much all week haha!

Other than that not a whole lot happened. We had MLT which is where all the leaders in the mission get together and talk about how we can help the people in our districts, and zones work better, and have more success. President hewlett was their and all I gotta say is that man is a spiritual giant! He talked a lot, but I learned so much and I can't wait to try and apply the things I learned! I also got to see some of the homies I served around and it was good to see them again. 

In our own area we have been working with a lot of old investigators who are ready! Well I think they have always been ready, but most of them just went on vacation to Mexico haha! I am excited to work with them and see how they turn out. 

Something funny this week was we had dinner with la familia Rodriguez and they had one of those toy horses and the hermano said " I bet you won't ride it around like a cowboy", and I was like alright you watch. We took a video so you guys can see how much I've learned down here in Texas. Make sure you listen to hermanos laugh haha, super funny :) 

Things are going great! I am really loving the mission and I can't believe how fast time is going! I love you all and hope you have a good week! 

Love Elder Stringfellow 

Monday, August 7, 2017

Email is Back

Hey everyone sorry it's been a while, my email has stopped being stupid but it's working now hopefully! 

Things have changed a little bit since the last time I sent an email, both me and Elder Nabo where transferred from galena park... I am gonna miss my boy Nabo but anyways  I am the district leader here in Houmont park, with my homie Elder Romero! Things over here have changed a lot, we are now in a all Spanish zone, and everyone in my district is Spanish speaking, so we are pretty much speaking Spanish 100% of the time. Not gonna lie it was kind of hard at first because it was quite a big adjustment but I am doing better. I had to give district meeting in Spanish and that really helped out a lot! 

Not gonna lie I really don't know a whole lot about this area, but the ward is awesome! They are so nice and helpful, and they are will to do anything for the missionaries, I love it! We have some people we found this last week that seem solid and I can't wait to work with them! 

We had a small miracle this week that was pretty cool! We where eating a Chick-fil-A and I went up and asked the lady for a refill and I really didn't pay too much attention too it and after we went on our way. Later that day we went and did an hour of power, which is when we just go knocking doors for an hour straight, and we decided to bring a member and his non member brother with us. We knocked a couple houses and got doors slammed in our face and we where kind of bummed. So we asked Omar the non member to choose a house and he choose this one house that had a cool car in front of it. We where like alright sure, so we go and knock it and a nice lady answers the door and we start talking with her. As we are talking her daughter comes and starts to listen. Then out of the blue she looked at me and said I know you, I saw you earlier today, and I was like OK where? She said I filled up your drink at Chick-fil-A and I was wondering what you guys where doing and who you where. So we told her that we are missionaries and we talked about the restoration, and we are going to talk with her some more this week! She is really solid and I am excited to work with her! 

That's all I got this week. I will probably have some more interesting things to write next week haha! Love you guys and hope you have a great week! 

Love, Elder Stringfellow