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Wednesday, December 7, 2016


Hey everyone hope you all had a good week! We had a very good week down here in Port Arthur!

So our number one investigator Sandra has a date for baptism! Her date is December 17th and we are hoping that we can do it on that date so that she can be baptized with her daughter! I am super excited about her and her daughter! Please pray so that we can  get this thing done haha! 

Other than that not a whole lot happened other than it has rained like 8 inches! It hasn't stopped for 3 days and on Saturday we rode our bikes through the flooded street right next to our apartment which was super fun!

The holidays down here are in full swing and everyone is going crazy! The stores are always full and people are still slamming the doors in our faces which is fine with me.  Salvation is personal haha! 

Thats all I got this week hope you all have a good week! And sorry I will try and send pictures next week! 

Elder Stringfellow

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