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Monday, December 19, 2016

Feliz Navidad :)

Hello everyone hope you all had a good week! This was an awesome week for everyone here in PA!

We had a baptism here this week and it was so awesome! I had the opportunity to baptize Sandra and it was one of the most spiritual experiences I have had here on mission.  Her and her daughter where so ready to make this giant step in their lives! Before the baptism was a little crazy not gonna lie.  

Me and Elder Lake went to the church around 1:00 pm to start getting things ready.  We did some things and we where going to go look at the font and we look in there it smelled like straight crap! We look on the floor and we saw all this slimy stuff and I am pretty sure it was sewage that came up from the drain.  It was so gross but we tried to make it look our best so we pretty much dumped an entire thing of comet cleanser in there and let it soak.  I had to clean up the slime crap and I thought i was going to throw up it was so nasty, but i think we made it look good so thats all that counts.  We got that all done and now its time for the good stuff to start.  

Its about 10 minutes till game time and I am a little nervous and I walk out of the dressing room and I see President Drake Standing there at the urinal and I was like ahhhhh crap, "everything has to be perfect."  He turned around looked at me and Elder Lake and said "I hope this is a good one and winked at us."  I was super nervous at this point, and din't want anything to go wrong within these next 10 minutes.  Well our branch president shows up at 6:20 pm and the baptism was supposed to start at 6:00 pm and I was like you have got to be kidding me... 

We started around 6:25 pm and got things going.  We had some talks given and then it was time for the service to start. First it was Melissa, [Sandra's daughter] and her primary teacher [was baptizing Melissa] and then it was me and Sandra's turn.  We get in the water and she tells that she is scared to go under and I was like well thats too late now! I say the prayer and then I had to pretty much slam her into the water so I could get her whole body under which I did.  I felt really bad but I really didn't want to screw up in front of president [Drake] and I really didn't want to do it again.  Anyways everything after that went really good and the spirit was with us.  It is a day that I will never forget! Very crazy, but very memorable day as well! 

Wish I had more to talk about but thats all that really happened this week! love you all and hope you all have a merry christmas:)

Love, Elder Stringfellow

Photos of the Week

Today's P-Day Activity - Whiffle Ball
Us cleaning the font 
Everyone that helped them get baptized  
Cool Christmas Decorations  
Me Sandra, Melissa, and elder lake before the service

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