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Monday, November 28, 2016

Some People are Crazy

Hey everyone hope you all had a good week! This was my first week with my new companion and he is pretty cool! His name is Elder Lake and he is from Oregon.  We get a long pretty well!

This week I was showing Elder Lake around our area.  We have a new investigator and her name is Sandra V.  Very weird name, but she is a cool lady.  We found her through her daughter who is an investigator for the English Sisters.  They are both really close and we want to try and get them baptized on the same day, because that would be super cool and a lot easier for all of us! 

So when we go to the soup kitchen every Wednesday we talk to this one guy from Vietnam. His name is Hong Tran, and he is the craziest man I have ever met in my entire life.  He came to America in 1980 and all he does everyday is chill.  He lives in a garage and everything he has is from the dumpster.  One day at them soup kitchen he said that he wanted to hook us up with some fresh shrimp.  So we went to go meet him at the Queen Of Vietnam Temple, and outside they have a giant statue of the Virgin Mary.  Don't ask my why they have it because I don't know.  Anyways we find Hong and we are talking to him and he wanted us to drive him to Galveston which is outside the mission to go pick up the shrimp.  We told him no and he said fine lets just go back to my house.  We had a lesson prepared from him and we taught him a little bit but them he just went off on how some guy stole his phone and he was going to kill him!! He took off his shirt to show us is muscles and all the tattoos he has and he has some pretty crazy tattoos! We left his house and I laughed so hard!! We gave him our number and he gives us a call everyday.  We are much his best friends and his only friends jaja!!   

This week I have been leading out the area, and it has been easier than I thought.  I thought it was going to be super hard, but we are talking to people and my Spanish is getting better every day! I have realized that prayer is so powerful! I have said lots of prayers asking for help, and he has helped me in more ways that I could have ever thought! I know Heavenly Father loves me and that he wants to help me.  I just need to do my part, by doing the small and simple things.  

Thats all I got. Love y'all and hope you have a good week! 

Love, Elder Stringfellow


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