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Monday, November 7, 2016

Another week of the same....

Hey everyone! hope y'all had a good week! Everything here is pretty much the same! Trying to find people and doing service!

On Tuesday we where looking for the young adults in our branch because President Hernandez asked if we could help out with that, and we found some pretty interesting people not gonna lie! A lot of them don't even live in the house that it says they live in, and the people that live there now are pretty interesting not gonna lie! People thinking that we are Amish and that we churn our own butter.  Then the guy told us he was high and we where like oh thats nice, but we gotta go! We are going to talk with this guy again this week! Pretty excited for that haha!

Wednesday we where riding bikes looking for some people and we found some kid that is from the church of La Luz de la Mundo which means "light of the world."  He went off saying things that I can't even remember but I'll give the kid some credit, he did know his bible! After all that he told us he had to leave because they have church 3 times every day and he had to leave to get ready! I don't know why you would have church 3 times everyday but thats not my problem haha!

Thursday we did weekly planning and then we did more service! we helped a man from the English ward help him with his tree house.  He built the coolest tree house i have ever seen! I don't know how long it took him but man its pretty dang cool! Ill send some pics.

Friday was zone meeting some we went up there and got some really good  insight about how the members can help us better.  The members from our branch are really cool and help us out a lot! Most of them are really cool!  Then after the meeting we went to go talk to some referrals but they weren't there.   

Saturday we had more service! We helped a guy out in our branch named Victor V.  This guy is awesome and he makes some good food! We helped paint railings and cabinets that took all day but it was fun with Victor!

Anyways that is all I got this week! Love y'all and hope you have a good week!

Elder Stringfellow

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