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Monday, September 26, 2016

Week 5 from Port Arthur, TX

Hello everyone! hope you all had a good week! This was a very good and very busy week this week!

First off on Monday me and Elder Barrett had to go to the hospital to give a Hermana in our branch a blessing.  We had to do this because she wanted to come to the fiesta that we had last Saturday! The only problem is, is that she has a bad heart and has not been taking her pills like she should.  So she decided to down a red bull and and a 5 hour energy all in the same hour.  That led to her having something weird happen to her body that made her pretty much shut down.  This all happened on Saturday night and we didn't find out till Monday.  She is doing better and is out of the hospital doing fine! 

So we have been teaching this girl named Jazel.  Her mom and her dad are recent converts, and they are giving her the option on whether or not she wants to be baptized.   Its a slow process because every time we go over there and try to teach we help their family with homework because the parents don't know any English.  We are close to getting a baptismal date with her.  Just need to be more patient.   

Then on Friday we where riding our bikes and this guy comes and wants to talk to us.  So he started to us saying he wants to change his life but he can't.  So we said a prayer with him and was saying amen throughout the whole prayer.  Then things got really interesting! His friend pulled up on his bike and started going off on the weirdest things.  They thought that the grand canyon was created when Satan fell.  They thought that weed was the plant of god.  That they have learned so much when they smoke weed, but every other drug on the earth is bad for you.  Then they think that Bruce Banner aka the hulk was the spirit and that though him they can become like the hulk one day. 
Me and Elder Barrett where just sitting there like what the heck is going on .  The guys name was OG and the other was like some weird name.  When they walked off we just started to laugh and laugh! It was one of the funniest/craziest things I have ever heard! 

Then on Saturday we taught Roberto and Linda.  It went very good.  We went over the baptismal interview questions with them and the only one they really had trouble with was about the prophet.  They didn't know if we was real, so we showed them a video and they came to conclusion that he is. So we gave them a date for baptism.  We gave them October 23!  We did it so late in the month because we still got some work to do but they are very close!! 

Thats really all I got this week! I love you all and hope you have a good week!!
Elder Stringfellow
Cool Sunset

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