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Monday, September 12, 2016

Week 3 in Port Arthur, TX

Hello everyone! hope you all had a good week!  Things down here are pretty much the same! a lot of bike riding, contacting people and talking to a bunch of Catholics! They are some really nice people, but they believe in some really weird stuff!   It is still really hot and there are no signs of it cooling off down here anytime soon haha!

Like I said we did a lot of contacting and not a whole lot of luck but we did have some pretty good lessons with some people!  We talked with Roberto again and we got his wife to listen in on the lesson and said she wanted to become a member but she doesn't think she can because she is always to tired and is working all the time.  We are really close but we still have some explaining to do!  

We had zone conference this past Friday and that went really good! Me and Elder Barrett are the only Spanish elders in the zone.  There are Hermana's but they are in a different area.  I don't  know any of the Spanish people yet, but i get to see them on Wednesday and i am pretty excited about that! 

Thats all i really have for this week!  I get an i pad on Wednesday so if there is anything you want to send me through out the week the would be awesome!  Love you all and hope you have a great week!

Elder Stringfellow
They found out I hate Ketchup
The river where they go do some planning

More of the river
Elder Cool
Eggs that Elder Stringfellow
Biggest cloud he has ever seen


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