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Monday, October 3, 2016

Transfer 1 Down.....Still in Port Arthur, TX

Man I can't believe it is the end of my first transfer! Time really does fly by while you are out here! This week was very good because of General Conference!  I really liked how it talked a lot about Joy!  We are all down here to experience joy, and in my opinion the only way we can experience that constant joy in our lives is through the restored gospel of Jesus Christ!  One of those ways we can experience joy is by following the example of Jesus Christ.  As I have been out here every day trying to follow his example I have never been more happy in my entire life.  So if there is anything that I ask of you this week is to try and follow the example of Jesus Christ in your life.  I already know most of you try to do that but it really does bring joy.

So on Monday after we got done writing we decided to go to the beach.  It was not the beaches of California that's for sure, but we still had a good time.  
Tuesday through Thursday was pretty much the same.  We knocked on some doors and we talked with our investigators.  Our main focus right now is on a family from Cuba.  One of the daughters in that family was recently baptized.  We have taught them twice and it has gone really good.  The only problem is that Cubans talk in a really low voice and they talk super fast and I can't even understand them.  But I do know that they know that this church is true and we just need to teach them a couple more times, and answer some questions.  There names are, Ana, Eiva, and Amarury Ruiloba.  They are super cool and I have a good feeling about them.  We are still working with Jazel, Roberto, and Linda.  Just need to patient

Friday is where it got a little bit crazy.  Some elders in our area asked us if we could help them with a baptism.  We thought we where going to put up chairs and clean up a little bit but we where not going to do any of that.  They told us that morning that the man that was going to be baptized could not walk and had some disease and that we needed to carry him into the pool so that he could be baptized.  We where excited to see how this was going to go.  That baptism was at 6:00 and we had a dinner appointment at 5:00.  Our plan was to eat for about 30 minutes and then leave.  We we're on track to leave at that time but then we ran out of tortillas.  So they decided to go to the store and get more.  They lived about 2 miles away but the lady took forever.  So we hurry and ate more tacos and we got there like 10 minutes late.  We got their and we where able to help lift him into the pool.  We had to do it at a pool because it took about 8 elders to lift him in and hold him up.  Even though it wasn't my own baptism it was by far the most spiritual experience I have had on my mission.   After we got to stand in the circle and help confirm him a member of the church.  It was honestly the coolest thing ever.  

That is all I got this week! I love you all and hope you all have an awesome week!​
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