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Monday, October 10, 2016

Still in Port Arthur for Another Transfer

Hello everyone hope y'all had a good week!  We had transfers this past week and we got some new elders.  We got some new English and Spanish elders!  They are really cool, and lets just say we got some pretty big boys in our district... We have a Samoan as our district leader.  His name is Elder Tapusoa, but we call him Tapusoarus. No sure if that is how you spell it but you get the point haha! I don't have any pics but we will take some and I will send them later.

Anyways since we got new Spanish Elders they split our area.   It is a good thing they did that because that means we don't have to ride our bikes that much, but its also a bad thing because some of our solid investigators lived there and that means we don't get to teach them any more... I am kind of bummed but I still know there is someone out there for me!

This week we where pretty much helping the new Spanish elders figure out there area so we showed them around a little bit and showed them where things where.  There is a new elder here and that means that I am no longer the greenie haha! But yeah we where with them pretty much the entire week so we really do anything until Saturday when me and Elder Barrett rode our bikes all day.  We mapped it out and we rode about 35 miles.  My legs where burning pretty bad Sunday when we where teaching gospel principles.  

This week we are going to go after it and try and find some new people to teach.  Thankfully we still have Jazel in our area, and her and her sister are getting pretty close to baptism.  just need to keep working with them.  

Thats all I got this week. Love y'all and hope you have a good week! 

Elder Stringfellow

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