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Monday, May 29, 2017

Broken Frying Pan

Hey everyone hope you guys had a great week this week! This was a pretty interesting week here in liberty! As always it was hot as crap 

To start things off we went in exchanges this Tuesday and it went pretty good. The best part was I got my back adjusted and it feels amazing haha! Also got to play with a bulldog named Zeus and I thought he was gonna die because he was so excited and was breathing so heavy! It made me laugh! 

Well our investigator Rosa was doing really well. She is still coming to church reading and praying as everything but there is still that one thing holding her back.... We where walking to her front door going to teach her, and she was outside smoking:( I was super sad because she was doing really good, but I know This is something that is super hard to overcome. After we taught her and we had one of the best lessons of my mission! We went in their and and talked with her a little bit and shared ether 12:27 and after we read it she just let it out! She was crying saying that she wants to change and she needs to change, but she has zero support from her family.. We are going to try and do everything we can to help her out so she can overcome this! Gonna try and get the branch involved also 

Well this week our frying pan broke and I didn't think much of it because, i was just going to ask the zone leaders for a new one, but they can't get us a 5.00$ frying pan, but they can get us a 50.00$ blender... Doesn't make much sense to me, but anyways I was cooking my eggs yesterday morning and I had our oven mitts on holding the the pan while I was cooking because our handle broke, and I was making sure my eggs where cooked all the way and I didn't notice I was holding the pan for a good minute and when I took my hand off I noticed there was a lot of smoke and I thought my eggs where just burning... I was wrong lol my hand was on fire and I was freaking out, and their was smoke everywhere, but don't worry I am fine, just feel a little dumb that's all! Also yesterday we had to teach Sunday school with 5 minutes to prepare. Our counselors in the presidency are a little lazy but it's ok haha! 

This week I read a lot out of the boom of mosiah and I really like chapter 24.  If you have the chance, go read it because I know that all of us go through hard time but the lord will always be their, I know that to be true! I am so grateful to be out here in the field! Love you guys and hope you have a great week! 

Love, Elder Stringfellow 

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