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Monday, May 1, 2017

David Enchilada

Hey everyone hope you guys had a good week! Not a whole lot of exciting things happened here in liberty this week... It is starting to get really hot and humid and it's making me less and less excited for the summer lol

Well to start off, last P-day was pretty good I guess..  Our district leader signed us up to do service for a national wildlife refuge, and we had to go around and paint the trunks of some trees so that people could follow the trails and not get lost even though the highway was like 2-3 miles from where we were at lol. That was the hermanas job lol, our job as Elders was to move trees and branches that had fallen on the trail. It wasn't the funniest P-day activity, but we had a good time and got some service out of it. 

This week we did a lot of knocking and there wasn't a whole lot of success, but that's alright! Just gotta keep moving forward:) One of our solid investigators Rosa Lauren told us that she had a dream and that me and Elder Paulsen where in the dream holding the Book of Mormon telling her this is true, and after we had said that she saw a bunch of men and women dressed in white saying what we are teaching is true! She didn't know what to think so we taught her how people can receive answers to their questions through dreams and then talked about lehi and his dream. She said she has been praying everyday to see if what we are teaching is true, but hasn't received an answer, but we helped her come to the conclusion that this is her answer right here! Pretty cool lesson, but she went to go get her coffee from the donut shop, instead of going to church haha! She makes me laugh sometimes. 

Yesterday was pretty awesome! Let me give you some background first, but David Archuleta came, spoke, and sang for a women's conference down here in Houston this week. Some of the members in the branch went and said it was awesome! Well davids little sister hermana archuleta is in our mission and she goes home in a week, so somehow she convinced president drake to have a fireside for some of the young adults in our stake and for the missionaries. The only way you could go as a missionary was if you brought an investigator or a recent convert. Me and Elder Paulsen invited the Garcia family they came, and they had a great time! David gave a good talk, and he can still sing pretty good! It was funny Hermano Garcia got in the car after the meeting and said, "dang, that David Enchilada can really belt it!" Me and the rest of the family where dying!! The whole time he thought that was his last name lol! Also got to see some of the other missionaries I have served with, and some of my favorite members from Port Arthur. Very good day :) 

Anyways that's all I got this week. Love being a missionary and I am having such a fun time! Love you guys and hope you have a great week! 

Love, Elder Stringfellow
P-Day Service
Only in Texas
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