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Tuesday, May 16, 2017

Happy Mothers Day...

Hey everyone hope you guys had a great week, and a great Mother's Day! Hope you all had a great time talking and what not. This was another week here in liberty I guess you could say lol! 

This was really just a plain week. A lot of knocking and not a whole lot of answers haha! This week was also very hot! We had one day where the wind was blowing and it felt like a blow dryer and it was miserable... This summer is gonna be good but awful at the same time! 

We did do some service this week which was good. We helped a member tear out his back porch and that was fun. We got to use some big giant crowbars which made me feel pretty manly lol! 

This week I was thinking and I am so grateful that I was born and raised in Utah haha! We have been trying to help a member that has been struggling with some things at school, and it really made me grateful to have been raised there. These kids really do have it tough and I have so much respect for them because there really are some stupid kids here... 

Anyways that's all I got this week! Love you guys and hope you have a great week! 

Pic: gotta haircut this week lol probably one of the most exciting things 

Love, Elder Stringfellow

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