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Thursday, June 8, 2017

Another Day in Liberty, TX

Hey everyone hope you guys had a good week! This was a pretty interesting week here in liberty! 

To start things off our #1 investigator Rosa Chavez is doing great! She has made it 6 days without smoking, or drinking or anything like that! We go and visit her everyday, and she loves it when we come, and we love going to visit with her because we always have great lessons with her! Without smoking and drinking in her life, she seems so much more happier, and it looks like she has a lot more energy to get everything done that she needs to get done. Yesterday she came to church and bore her testimony, and it was one of the coolest experiences of mission, hearing a non member bear their testimony in front of everyone saying, I know that this church is true and I can't wait to be baptized so that I can feel clean again, has to be one of the best feelings their is! 

Other than that this week, we have been trying to find people to teach. We thought their would be a lot more people at home because school just got out and what not, but we where sooooo wrong lol. The other day we probably knocked about 30 houses throughout the day, and we got 2 answers, and the where white people lol! Just gotta keep moving forward! 

On Tuesday we had dinner with an English member with the English members. The member that fed us is so nice and sweet, but she is about 90% blind and can only really see shapes and what not. She loves to have the missionaries over and talk with us, and we love to go over their as well! I felt really stupid because we where talking about a movie, and me, being the genius that I am asked her if she had ever seen the movie, totally forgetting that she was BLIND! I have never felt more stupid then I did in that moment haha! This is only the beginning of our dinner....

So this member lives with a man named jerry. Jerry is a returned Vietnam vet and this guy is something else... The reason he is living with her is because he got drunk and ran into her trailer and totally wrecked it. So he feels bad and is letting her stay with him because she has family all over the country. Jerry has PTSD really bad and he feels like the government made him into what he is today. He has been blown up about 5 times according to him, and his whole body is made out of metal because of all the operations. We where talking, and he looked at me and said, our you a nazi? I was a little surprised, and then he said, hitler made you in his laboratory didn't he?? I didn't know that to say so me and the other elders just kind of went along with it and it was funny! Then we where talking about something else and I was paying attention to what he had to say, then he looked at me and said whatcha looking at?? Don't think I won't come over their and best you up cuz I will said jerry. I said I don't doubt that as his fists where clenched ready to just deck me right in the face. He then turned to everyone and, I beat all of you up, and if I can't take you guys down, I just shoot you all! I gotta little scared right their because he has an assault rifle right next to his garbage can lol! Later in he clammed down a bit and went of on the government and what not, but that was one of the most interesting experiences of my mission to say the least haha! 

Kind of a long letter this week, but I love all of you and just wanna let you know that o love what I am doing, and I wouldn't wanna be anywhere else right now! Love all of you and hope you have a great week! 

Love, Elder Stringfellow
Big Sexy
Found a pepper in the Toilet


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