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Sunday, July 9, 2017

Power of the Priesthood

Hey everyone hope you guys had a great week! I am here in galena park with my boy elder nabo! He is from Africa and he is about 6'7! Super cool and funny also! 

Well let's just say, I got so many hispanos on my hands I don't know what to do with myself haha! Here there are so many more than my last area! We get fed so much also, I probably had more dinners this past week here than I did my entire time in liberty haha! We have a hermana that makes homemade betos burritos and they are sooooo good! Best things I have ever had! Also had some bomb tacos as well! 

When it comes to investigators we have some solid people. Taught a guy named Carlos yesterday that is super ready I am really excited to work with him! 

Yesterday we had an experience that really opened my eyes... we where driving back from dinner at our bishops house and all of sudden traffic stopped and we had to slam on our brakes. There was obviously an accident and we knew that there was a person in the car. So we pulled the car over and ran over to the car and saw the young lady sitting there barely breathing with a big giant cut in her forehead. I'm not gonna get too graphic but you could see her brain, and the first thing we tried to do was give her a blessing.  We did, and waited about 10-15 minutes for ambulance to show up. When they came she was still breathing and everything but right as they tried to take she passed away. If their is anything that I learned from yesterday is that god has a plan for all of us. It was definitely shocking to see someone pass away right in front of me.  I am so grateful for the plan of salvation and everything it has in store for me. I really hope that she had a taste of what the gospel is in this life. I know this church is true and god has a plan not only for me but for everyone! 

Hopefully this all makes sense... Was a pretty crazy week not gonna lie.  Thanks for the the love! Love you guys and have a great week! 

Love, Elder Stringfellow 

Pics: only ones I got this week, but this is us at President drakes last zone conference, and the homemade betos burrito :)

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