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Monday, April 10, 2017

On the slow side...

Hey everyone hope you guys had a great week! This was just another week here in liberty not gonna lie! 

This week was a little bit on the slow side... we usually have most of our appointments with investigators after 4-5:00 because that's when they are usually getting home from work and school and what not, but before that time is very hard to find people to talk too. We are in a small town and I've talked to most of the Hispanics and white people here so it's kind of hard, but I know god has me here for a reason and it's for the people I am working with right now! We did a lot of knocking and trying to find people and all we got was a bunch of angry white people that said if we don't get off their porch we are gonna sick our dogs on you haha! 

Our people are doing good! We are having the baptism for Lali and Anthony here this Sunday and I am super excited! Please pray that we will be able to talk to them soon and get them ready! They are sometimes hard to talk with. Everyone else is doing good. Just need to work on a couple things with them, and I know the lord will help us out! I also got the opportunity to speak in sacrament meeting about member missionary work. Talked about ways we can share the gospel and the importance of it. 

As I have been studying and thinking about this last general conference I haven been thinking about how grateful we are to have a prophet today! Even though his messages where short, the where too the point, and it's something we really need to do right now! I am so grateful to be out here and for the opportunity to be a missionary! Life is good :) 

Love you guys and hope you have an awesome week!

flashing the U
arrow as an antenna lol
Us our new whip and Danny

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