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Wednesday, March 1, 2017

Racoon Tails...

Hey everyone hope you guys had a great week! We had a good week here in liberty!
We did a lot of finding this week and we found some pretty interesting people! We found this woman named carmen and she had some pretty interesting stories how she would smuggle immigrants across the border and how she got away with it haha! She then told us how she would beat the crap out of her husband's, and about the time she was hit by a train. Very interesting lady haha! We also found a lady and her son that are pretty interested and want to learn more! Her son weighs about 315 pounds and he is in high school! Huge dude! 
This Friday we went on exchanges with our zone leader Elder Galland. We had a great day and we got ourselves a raccoon tail. After district meeting we were biking out and we saw this dog sniffing a raccoon on the ground. We thought it was dead so we went over to try and get the dog away and when we got over there the thing was still breathing! So we called up one of our members to bring his pellet gun and end his misery. We did that then we decided we wanted the tail so we took it around back and we cut off it's tail and skinned it later that night! Other than that we had an awesome day and found some cool people to teach! 
We had a good day Sunday. We didn't have any investigators at church but we did receive a visit from President Rascon and he is an amazing man! He is in the mission presidency and he also does the 6:00 news for the city of Houston on ABC. He relays so much on the spirit and it's honestly the most incredible thing o have ever seen! We had the opportunity to give one of the sister missionaries with him and he gave the blessing and it was honestly amazing! After church he came to visit our less active friend with us and president pretty much threw down the hammer! It went super good! 
That's all that really happens this week.  Love you guys and hope you all have a great week! 
Love, Elder Stringfellow
Cutting a Racoon Tail

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