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Tuesday, February 21, 2017

No Efforts Are Wasted...

¿Qué pasó? Hope you all had a great week this week! Things here in liberty are good but they are still a little slow...

This week we where trying to help out with some of our less active members. We have four in our area and they are all one family. They are la familia Garcia and they are super awesome! They are super nice and humble but they only struggle with one thing and that's coming to church haha! They really love the missionaries and want to help us out as much as we can! 

This weekend we got ourselves a Mini Missionary. A mini missionary is where the stake does this thing with the mission and they assign a kid to come out with us for 2 days and they live the mission life, and see if this is really what they want to do. We got a super good kid named Dorian. Super nice, humble, and a ladies man haha! Our day went pretty good with him I guess... all of the appointments we had fell through and we got dropped by one of our investigators. We also knocked a street and we got 3 doors in a row slammed in our face. Needless to say this is a normal thing for a missionary, but I hop this doesn't make the kid not wanna serve a mission. The one good thing we did with him is service with our less active friend again at his house he is remodeling. We got to wear cool jumpsuits and use a cool paint gun! Helped him out he committed to come to church and didn't show up... It's all right I know it will come to him eventually! 

The one thing I really studied this past weekend with our mini missionary is a section in preach my gospel titled "No efforts are wasted." We talked about this because of the unsuccessful day we had on Saturday, and the reason we talked about this with him is that when we are out doing the things that god wants us to do he will help us out in some other way. Even without the success we are helping plant seeds for these people and hopefully they will come to listen to our message in the future! I know that when we try he will bless us in so many ways! 

Love you guys, love being a missionary, and hope you guys have a great week!  

Love, Elder Stringfellow 

the 3 amigos
us wearing our funny suits while painting
our mini missionary
cool sunset

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