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Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Such an Awesome Place

Man this has been such an awesome place!  The days go by kind of slow, but at the same time it goes by really fast, if that makes any sense haha!  So my companions name is Elder Thomas.  He is from Logan, he went to Sky View and he ran cross country and track.  He can only eat gluten free foods so he is like a toothpick haha.  My district is really cool.  We have all gotten along really well and we think that we are funny, but in all honesty we are super funny haha! There is this one kid in there is name is Elder Robinson and he is from a town in Kentucky.  He is really funny but he does not stop talking.  I love the kid.  By the way Elder Robinson has a giant mouth!  He can fit an entire apple in his mouth and he has the longest tongue I have seen!  I took pictures so don't worry.  I have a kid in my zone that I knew back in high school and his name is Elder Peterson.  He is Mitch Allsop's cousin and me and him have gotten along really well.  The Spanish is slow but its coming to me.  I know if I have faith and obey I will be able to receive the gift of tongues.  Just gotta keep trying and work hard. 

So my dorm is pretty cool.  I get to stay with Elder Robinson and he is always going a million miles per hour.  Then we have his companion Elder Fairborn and he went to Westlake HS and played football and rugby.  Its funny because we live on the third floor and the elders that have been in there longer than us said don't go the the bottom floor and I asked why? They responded and said that the Russians are there.  I thought that was funny, but I went down there and they are nice so thats good.  

I got to play basketball yesterday and my zone is full of a bunch of ballers so we are pretty good. better competition than i expected.  But I still consider myself pretty good.  

On Sunday night we had a devotional and we watched a video of Elder Bednar giving a talk on Christmas a couple years ago.  It was titled "The character of Christ" and it was really good.  I was watching the video and at the end of the everyone stood up and I was like holy crap is this a rally happening?  He did a short question and answer about his video and I really learned a lot from that.  

But the thing I learned the most this week is that if I want to be a successful missionary I need to stop worrying about me.  I need to stop worrying about me and start caring for others.  I just need to think to myself, what would Christ do?  I need to get rid of the natural man that is inside me and love and care for people the same way Christ did.  If I do that I will receive great blessings and so will all of you.  The language will become easier to understand, and I will receive a better understanding of the scriptures, but more importantly the Book of Mormon.  I want all of you to start thinking about others and get rid of that natural man that is inside you.  You will feel better about yourself, and you will receive great blessings.  

 I don't know if any of that made sense to you but I love you all and I know that this gospel is true, and that Jesus Christ is our savior.  The gift of tongues will come and I will help anyone that needs my help in Texas.  

Well That's all the time I have I love you all and hope you all have a great week.  I will try and send pictures but these computers are confusing so I will try and figure this out.  Adios!


Elder Stringfellow
Elder Thomas and Elder Stringfellow (MTC Companions)
Elder Petersen (Mitch Allsop's Cousin)
Elder Freestone (Madagascar)
Elder Robinson From Kentucky
Elder Robinson with a whole apple in his mouth
Elder Robinson's tongue

Don't know this guy

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